Mission and goal

Core values

Our mission

KAFDOC works closely with disadvantaged population, children groups, women and farmers.
Our mission is to improve living conditions through active participation of target groups in sustainable natural resources management, quality education improvement, income generation activities, health care, good governance process, disaster risks management, children rights, gender promotion, community based ecotourism and increased agricultural production.

Our goal

Ensuring equal rights and opportunities for disadvantaged groups, women, children and communities through effective and sustainable natural resource management, agriculture productivity, good governance, basic education and women representation in politics.

“A life changing for Cambodian vulnerable communities”

Our objectives

  • Build capacity and give a chance to CBO’s (Community Based Organizations) to improve their standard of living, particularly people who are living in rural areas. The objective is to strengthen and organize community ownership towards sustainable communities and to ensure that their rights will be promoted in suitable conditions.
  • Improve awareness of target groups, especially women groups about land law application, natural resources management, women in leadership, empowerment, gender concepts, centralization and decentralization and good governance.
  • Strengthen the organizational capacities and self sufficiency of target groups through technical support on livestock raising skills and home gardening in order to increase their incomes which are based on internal natural resources.
  • Give to the target groups the tools to be able to express their concerns, to advocate for better service delivery, to do effective procedures at local level, and to promote sustainable community development.
  • Work in collaboration with local and international organizations, government agencies and relevant institutions to achieve our goals, by furthering our partnership relations and participation in local and national networks.