Agriculture & Nutrition


KAFDOC supports farmers and processors, particularly women, to increase production, income and resilience to climate change, in Kratie province, with the financial support of :



Objectives :

  1. Commercial and homestead producers and processors (male- and female-headed households) increase productivity by adapting improved technologies
  2. Farmer groups and processor groups provide demand-oriented services and facilitate transparent and fair market engagement
  3. Public and private sector actors deliver demand-driven, gender-sensitive and accountable advisory services.

How ?

By conducting trainings on modern, more productive and environmental friendly agriculture and/or selling techniques to approx 2000 Cambodian farmers (including indigenous people), living in Kratie province.

PHASE I : started in December 2014 and has come to an end in November 2017.

PHASE II : started in December 2017 and will continue until December 2020. CHAIN-II targets improved household income and nutrition from horticulture production and trade in targeted rural areas in Cambodia, including Kratie.

Thanks to KAFDOC and their donors:

  • 341 households improved the way of cultivating food
  • 42 farmer families were linked with traders and buyers
  • 78 families improved their gardens
  • Some farmers have graduated to semi commercial and commercial status
  • 3 biodiversity school gardens were developed to show families and communities the advantages of vegetable cultivation and nutrition
  • 21 model farmers were created to demonstrate the home garden model
  • 22 commercial families have improved the technique of vegetable cultivation
  • 22 families are growing more cycle crop