Development area

Development area

Objectives :

  • Support families to increase their capacity to raise income and improve food security and children’s nutrition ;
  • Improve the living conditions of families in communes and villages through better access to water sources and increased agricultural knowledge on vegetable and rice planting techniques which allow them to increase their vegetable and rice production ;
  • Build up Natural Resource Management (NRM) and improve CBO’s business capacity through provision of training, technical assistance and small grants ;
  • Strengthen public and private dialogue mechanisms for coordination and collaboration between civil society and authorities ;
  • Enhance CBO’s organizational capacity and raise awareness on social inclusion for vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Agriculture – Natural Resources Management

  • Install, monitor and coordinate fishery communities, rice banks and food security in 5 communes.
  • Quarterly meetings of model farmers, mushroom growers to share experiences from each other.
  • Establish revolving fund network in communes level.

Training on the mushroom growing technique

A training on mushroom growing technique and mushroom production was provided to model farmers from Chorngkrorng, Koleab, Chroybanteay, Kompongkor and Russiekoe communes. The aim of this project was to improve their knowledge on producing.

Establish agricultural product groups

  • Soya Bean in Preakroka, Soble, Sobkrom, Klor ;
  • Rice Bank in Beungchreng ;
  • Vegetable Group in Sresdao, Orussey, Chongkoh, Kbal Koh ;
  • Pomelo Group in Kohtrong Commune
  • Fish production groups, “sticky rice groups” and “fish sauce groups” in Soab, Thmorkre and Russiekeo communes.


Various training have been provided to local farmers on :

  • Marketing strategy ;
  • Home gardening ;
  • Livestock raising ;
  • Business management ;
  • Organizing development ;
  • Cassava growing.


KAFDOC lead Health education programs to raise awareness on diarrhea, malaria, malnutrition, dengue fever and hygiene and sanitation in communities.

Reflection meeting between health staff, local police channel, and CC on health services and domestic violence

  • Improving Health Service and Community Comfort
  • Quarterly Report on health to exchange experience
  • Commune Meetings to improve public service in 5 communes
  • Local personal intervention in the community to take the patients to the health center


Water and Sanitation – Flood disaster

Repairing and building water gate and dam

The project cooperates with several authorities such as Village Chiefs, Commune Chiefs, Community, and technical officer to implement the process of building Dam and one water gate in Korsang Village, Chorngkrorng Commune, Chitrackborey District, Kratie Province.
This project is a Response Project for people who were damaged by flood

In 2011, people were damaged by flood in Kratie, so European Committee and Australia Movement supported food and small grant in Prekprosob and Chitrackborey District through Actionaid Cambodia.


Water poc1mp

A water pomp was installed in school. Children and people from the village can have clean water.


Women rights

gernKAFDOC’s work strengthens and supports the Commission for Women and Children to promote gender, women and Child rights and legal protection against violence in 19 villages ;

Public forum on women’s rights and against domestic violence at commune level, in 5 communes ;



Child rights


  • Promote rights in schools
  • Strengthen 5 children clubs to have regulated management, encourage them to share knowledges and help them to invoke their rights in communities and schools
  • Child fun activities for children in 19 villages.



  • Implementation of Community Based Ecotourism
  • Bicycle rental shop and homestay in Kohtrong commune.
Bike Rental Shop on Koh Trong Island
Community Homestay on Koh Trong Island