E2L project in Sambour

Learning materials for kits

Water tank at Schools

Easy To Learn project has made many contributions to 6 primary schools in Sambour district. The water tank is the most important request from these schools , with the water needed for hand washing, drinking , use in toilets, and for watering school’s bio-gardens.  

School Gardens

It is very important that the children learn gardening skills while they are young. They also enjoy them and gardening lessons motivate them to come to school. Through our school gardens , we have been able to provide some seeds for the children to take home and grow vegetables themselves for their families. 


The children love the playgrounds and they are great motivators for the the children to come to school. 

Bio gardent in Sandan1 primary school
Sandan1 primary school
Sandan1 primary school

The Best Experience for Children's parents

The project was successful for six target primary schools in Sambour district with participation from local authorities, children's parents, school teachers , School Directors, and the School Support Committee
Mr.Reak Smei
Project Manager

Funded by ChildFund Korea