This year , KAFDOC  under supported from CARE Cambodia  to  run a project is called  Implementation of Social  Accountability Framework (ISAFII) . The project  is implementing in Stung Treng province, Cambodia in 2 districts of Seim bok and Thalaborivat and 15 communes. There are 45 Community Accountability Facilitators  (CAFS), who are young youth from these target communes.  Project aims to  improve local governance and communication between authorities and young people in Strung Treng Province by increasing social accountability, awareness and strengthening effective and influential civic participation through of digital technology.

Specific Objectives

1-Increased capacities of civil society actors, CAFs and local government, in facilitating dialogue between local authorities and youths.

  • Participate in allocated training and disseminate information to stakeholders in the project
  • To define clear sc
    hedules for authorities to attend monthly meetings with commune councils in order to raise their concerns on issues involving community development. Especially trying to achieve citizen’s participation on the decision making which will ensure that all issues and concerns are addressed as well as integrated into the annual CIP.
  • To reduce the gap between citizens and local authorities by improving participation of Citizens in commune councils meeting, in order to give them the opportunity to raise issues, concerns about commune service delivery.

2. Strengthened youth citizen voices through a digitised citizen- led service feedback

  • Through the the use of FaceBook (pages, groups) and YouTube. We intend to utilise digital technology to reach and engage with young citizens across the area through our already established children and young people’s councils.
  • Our Community Facilitators will be trained in the use of social media and how to effectively engage with young people in an interactive youth friendly manner through digital storytelling

3. Improved public access for target groups to information and open budgets.

  • Design and develop simplified information for citizens together with partner organisations
  • Our 50 established CF’s will work with and disseminate the digitized information through the local community councils and established children’s councils by facilitating workshops on how to access the information electronically and to facilitate discussion about the budget information
  • To provide public and clear information about Commune service charges at the commune office.

4. Improved youth-friendly service delivery by public service providers

  • Promote participation of young people through social media and other digital platforms to provide feedback for public services to monitor and evaluate the quality of commune public administration’s services whilst ensuring tra
  • nsparency of information sharing and public administrative service costs.
  • Develop skills in each commune in order to get active community representatives who will represent the views of local people to the authorities.

The supplied side that involved with project

In Thalaborivat district :  08 commune Offices, 03 health centres , 29 Primary schools

in Seim Bok district:  07 communes,  04 health centres, 21 primary schools.

Total  the project intervention are 07 health centres, 50 primary schools, 15 Commune offices.