Volunteering Opportunities

Teach English in Kracheh Province, Cambodia

Thank you for reading our page. We are looking for motivated volunteers who want to make a commitment to our school and our students.
We currently have approximately 130 students, aged from 6 years to adult, who would love to learn English with you. The students follow a curriculum, and basic monthly lesson plans are provided to volunteers to give structure, ensuring continuity for the students. The volunteers are also encouraged to bring own their ideas to the lessons (whilst adhering to the basic lesson plan).
There are young student classes and also adult classes taught at the school.
Some of the younger students will have limited ability, whilst some of the adults can speak and understand English well.
The younger students need to follow the lesson plans (designed by an experienced schoolteacher), closely and with guidance.
The adult classes are more fluid, to allow for their interests and needs, but focus primarily on verbal communication, rather than grammar. The more they practice talking, the better their spoken English will become.
The lessons can be fun for both the students and teachers, but the important thing is for the students to learn!

All volunteers are required to teach English, but we also require help in other ways, such as improving the school (making lesson resources, gardening, painting, decorating, or building), working in our library, or helping with fundraising campaigns.
Teaching experience is not required, but volunteers must be confident in their abilities and able to take charge of their own class from 8 to 20 students. Our lowest levels are taught by Khmer teachers, so volunteers must be able to teach simple grammar as they will be teaching lower intermediate/intermediate students.
MINIMUM VOLUNTEER AGE – 20 YEARS. If you are under 20, but are fully committed to a teaching role, you are encouraged to apply with a letter outlining your experiences with English language. If you speak English as your first language, please state this in your application. It is not essential.
It is preferable for a volunteer to stay for as long as possible. Three weeks is excellent, but two weeks is also possible. Please state your availability in your application.

The school has a ‘no smoking’ policy. This includes e-cigarettes and vapes.

A volunteer will stay in the school grounds in a large Khmer style house, (exclusively for volunteers). It has three bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and a large communal area. There is a balcony…with a hammock!

Kratie is a beautiful town in a rural district of Cambodia. There are some great things to see! For example, the freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins can be seen (by kayak) nearby, nearby Sombok mountain with it’s spectacular pagoda and resident monkeys, as well as beautiful riverside walking and cycling. The island of Koh Trong is on the Mekong just a few hundred metres from the town of Kratie. Here you can see many pomelo fruit trees as well as other farming. Also there are some interesting bats that frequent the island. At times, it is possible to swim off the island’s beaches. The people of Kratie are friendly and welcoming.
In short, this is a beautiful area.

Volunteers are expected to perform 3-4 hours per day, Monday-Friday. weekends are ‘free’. There are some fascinating places nearby that can be visited in a weekend, Mondalkiri and Ratanakiri, for example.

  • Languages: fluent in English
  • Availability: all the year


We ask our volunteers to help for a minimum of 5 hours per day from Monday to Friday. There’s plenty of free time, and weekends are free to explore the area and relax.

In return, we provide accommodation in our purpose built volunteer house located right above the school.
The house has three shared bedrooms, with 2 beds in each- Khmer style, mattresses and mosquito nets.
Shared communal areas include a bathroom, kitchen, and a large sitting area. This is a traditional Khmer style house, with some Western elements added. Plumbing is basic, and there is no hot water. The kitchen has no fridge, as is normal in Cambodia, as electricity is very expensive here so the cost of running one is too high. Ice is available to keep things cool. Volunteers are expected to work together to ensure good upkeep and cleanliness of the volunteer house.

If you are interested, please send you resume to: info@kafdoc.org

We are also available by telephone / Office number: 072971584