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KAFDOC encourages volunteering ! 

You want to have an experience in humanitarian project?
Every year KAFDOC welcomes volunteers!

Our goal is to improve exchange skills with our volunteers. We will ask our volunteers to assist our work, to build capacity of our organisation by working in cooperation with local and international NGOs, relevant institutions and stakeholders. And the volunteer will gain field experience and experience in crowdfunding, communication and teaching.

The volunteers will work on our different programs : Education- Gender promotion – Child rights- Agriculture and Good governance.

The volunteers can integrate their work into these sectors with the local organisations and work with various organisations : CBOs, Khmer people, government, ethnic minorities, NGOs…
They can learn about local organisations, villages activities, networking, Khmer culture and understand the living situation in remote rural areas.

A room is available for our volunteers during their mission. Learn more

If you want to have an experience in our NGO, please contact us




KAFDOC is also looking for volunteer to:

Teaching English in a school on Koh Trong Island and in Orussey. No experience in teaching is required, only a good level of English, motivation, and smiles!

Fernanda and Alex, 2 former volunteers, developed materials to “teach by playing”


Teaching basic computer skill

Teaching IT(computer) skills to children and youth in Kratie province, that’s closed to our office. This is new class’ project and we need volunteers help to organize it. If the volunteers have computers or tablets and wish to show to the class how to use it, it will be helpful. Now we still lack of these IT tools for children learning as well. The volunteers can teach the typing skill, researching on Internet, Facebook, games, alphabet songs, cartoons etc.


Volunteers will work with our staff in Orrusey I and farmers in Koh Trong Island (in Kratie Province) to help them by organizing training and to improve their gardening skills and to diversify their crop.

Updating our Website 

Update and add information, add pictures, improve the structure of information to our NGO’s website or others our social network.

Developing case-study video 

Go to the field with staff and take video and pictures and upload to our YouTube and website. Videos are essential to show the donors our work in the field. We need help in order to create these supporting tools!

Fundraising and communication

Volunteers can also bring new ideas from every where to help our staff to design new projects or activities to raise from donors to support the poor community people in Kratie province. The ideas should be related education project , women empowerment, gender, income generation, water and sanitation (WAS),agriculture, IT, nutrition, climate change,..


Period of volunteer mission with KAFDOC

  • Our volunteer have to stay 4 weeks minimum for teaching (as we think it’s better for children to have same teachers for at least two weeks) up to few months,
  • For designing project position, the volunteers can stay 3 month minimum  in our rooms.
  • For the position of skill sharing to our staff, children and community people, we are appreciated to welcome volunteers anytime and anyways as you want.
  • Long term volunteers from six to twelve months or two years are strongly and warmly welcome. We will pick sh/he up from airport, provide a staying room for free. Sh/he will receive some DSA from the project while they have a mission on the field and with our staff.

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